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Exploring the benefits of using a keynote speaker
May 22, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Dr Lolade Adeyemi

Today, it’s easier than ever to try and establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Thanks to the Internet, some people can start a business in a matter of days. But then you need to make sure your business keeps existing. In my experience, this is usually where people start to lose their zest for the process, resulting in them failing to reach their full potential or propel their business as far as it could go.

If you or your business are feeling stagnant, it’s worth finding new ways to revisit your enthusiasm for your work. As an experienced keynote speaker, I’m here to explain why hiring me to speak at your next event comes with multiple benefits. In addition to giving you and your workforce a morale boost, I can broaden your business’s reach.

Your workforce benefits from a fresh perspective

When workers start to feel stagnant or uninspired, they often require an outsider’s point of view to refresh their perspective. As a keynote speaker, I focus on banishing the status quo and adopting forward-thinking solutions to everyday problems. Although you may try your best to enhance your workforce morale, sometimes they need to hear encouraging words from an impartial party. When I inject a new sense of enthusiasm into your workplace, this will reflect in their day-to-day efforts.

Your event attracts a bigger audience

If your business is hosting an event that external participants can sign up for, attracting a significant audience feels challenging. One of the biggest benefits of using a keynote speaker is the ability to advertise an impressive timetable to prospective attendees. When you advertise your keynote speaker on social media, you should find that your ticket sales rise faster than when you simply focus on using your company’s staff. As a result, you’ll broaden your business’s reach.

Defeating boredom becomes possible

One of the main reasons any employee falls into stagnant patterns is because their workplace has become boring. Although they likely entered the company brimming with enthusiasm, they’re familiar with how it works and the benefits of being there have caused them to lose sight of why they wanted the role at all. As a keynote speaker working in different countries, I break up the routines of everyday business events and make them inspiring. When your employees have the chance to step away from their usual routine, they’ll carry a fresh sense of creativity into their work.

You can inspire change

As a business owner or employer, you may spend a lot of your time trying to motivate your employees. Unfortunately, although your efforts are well-intentioned, they may fall on deaf ears as your employees have adapted to your techniques. In contrast, when they hear inspiring words from someone new, they may make the changes you crave.

Why hire me as your keynote speaker?

After graduating from medical school in Nigeria, I pursued master’s degrees in Public Health and in Sustainability & Environmental Management from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University respectively . Since then, I have worked as a clinician & entrepreneur, but I’ve always had a thirst for inspiring others. Alongside helping to reshape the healthcare system in my home country, I help fellow physicians, professionals and entrepreneurs reach their full potential with my coaching and keynote speaking services. As an outsider, I’m able to identify what’s holding you and your business back and I can develop the mechanisms that push you forward again.

To learn more about my services as a keynote speaker for your organization or to discuss hiring me as your business coach, call 443 538 9603.